The Product

Ontario Wagyu offers several products.

Live Animals.

Live animals such as 500-700lb calves, 900-1200lb yearlings as well as finished animals. The finished animals are generally 28 to 30 months of age in order to maximize the marbling characteristics.

Presently, we are also interested in downsizing and selling the mature cows and would consider selling the mature bull to someone interested in entering the Wagyu cattle business.


Most of the meat is sold to Toronto area butcher shops by the entire carcass or half carcass. Generally, the animal is processed at a local Bruce County abattoir and moved by refrigerated truck to the butcher shop.

We also sell meat directly to the consumer by way of a mixed quarter. A mixed quarter would be half of the hind of a half carcass and a half of the front.

Recent hinds sent to Toronto butcher clients can be seen below