The Herd

Ontario Wagyu presently consists of a herd of fifty cows composed of ten mature cows, twenty cows born in 2007 known as the ‘T herd’ and twenty younger cows, generally offspring of the Akiyoshi blood line. Akiyoshi has a very strong marbling quality that is one of the characteristics that sets Wagyu meat apart from other breeds.

Three bulls accommodate the cows. A mature bull known as ‘Kuntzside Buddy’ breeds the older cows while an Akiyoshi offspring known as ‘Knoxside Geofrow’ breeds the ‘T herd’, and we are presently using a young bull to breed the younger cows until ‘Knoxside Tommy’ is of breeding age. Three of these bulls are ‘fullblood’ or 100% Wagyu while the other bull is above 99% Wagyu.

Ontario Wagyu is well known among Ontario Wagyu breeders and like our Ontario colleagues is a member of the American Wagyu Association.